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If you are a full-time student in high school or an undergraduate, you qualify for an

exception to the member rates above.

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MAS is working towards increasing diversity and maximizing our resources within our membership.  While these two questions are optional, it helps us measure progress towards makes MAS more diverse in terms of age, ethincity and gender.

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Please choose the chapter you wish to affiliate yourself with.  If you are a new member, we will be reaching out to the chapter leadership and connecting you to them.  If there is no chapter in your area, please email Membership[at], but choose unaffiliated for now.



By submitting this form, you acknowledge agreement and acceptance of the mission, vision and values of the Muslim American Society.  Submission of the form does not guarantee membership.  MAS reserves the right to decline, cancel or revoke membership at any time a person exhibits behavior or actions contrary to our values.  As a member, you agree to resolve any dispute pertaining to MAS, its chapters or affiliates through Islamic Arbitration as outlined in MAS' policies and procedures.