Question Answer
How do we nominate someone for the program? Please submit all nomination names with their best contact number and email to: OpManager@MuslimAmericanSociety.org
Does nominee have to be a registered MAS member? Yes, and if that nominee is not already a MAS member, they will need to register and become one before they can be fully accepted into the training.
How many sessions are candidates expected to participate in? A total of 13 sessions. Every Sunday for the months listed (June, August, and October). The last session, the 13th session will be a closing session for participants to attend with their chapter leadership to better transition them to engage in their work locally.
What can the chapter expect after submitting nominations? Nominees will be contacted by the national team to process a questionnaire, paperwork, documentation, and onboarding of candidates. 
Who should we nominate from our chapter? Try to keep your nomination list very focused. These will be the leaders dedicated to lead your chapter efforts and entrusted and relied upon to do so in the future, and even the very near future.
Is there a limit for the nominations per chapter? There is not a maximum amount, but we are looking for 1 person minimum per chapter, 2-3 ideally.
Do the nominees have to be youth? No, not necessarily. The nominees should be persons that are part of the next generation of leaders that will lead the MAS work in your chapter. 
Please view the program guide here: www.MASnational.org/RLguide